"Traditionally Speaking"

Sandi Boucher is a much-loved Inspirational Speaker, a Trainer/Facilitator, a best-selling author, and a  proud Anishinabekwe (Ojibwe Woman) who is dedicated to Indigenous Empowerment and Canadian Reconciliation.


Using dialogue and metaphor to build understanding, Sandi uses her Ojbwe world view to assist Indigenous communities across Canada to heal from the past while building futures of their design.

In a conversational style, Sandi moves her audiences away from shame and guilt and blame towards their goals of safety, health, security, and even SUCCESS!


My goal, today and every day –
To guide the babies away from patterns and habits that do not serve us,
while warming the hearts of the elders with my work.
– Sandi Boucher



The challenges we see in our Indigenous communities today are a natural human reaction to long term oppression, an oppression that has now been internalized.

And that oppression appears in so many ways.  Do you recognize the following?

  • Youth giving up on schooling and their dreams
  • People shying away from speaking up because they believe their opinion has no value
  • People carrying an internal belief that they can be no more than the stereotype
  • People condemning each other rather than the broader issues
  • People being rewarded by the oppressor and the oppressed for being more like or desiring to be more like the oppressor
  • People and especially youth feeling a total lack of pride (and/or feelings of shame) over their own culture.


Sandi educates her audiences on the many forms of internalized oppression, helping them to realize how history and resulting current policy has formed our reality.

Then she takes it one step further – educating her participants on how to BREAK THE CHAIN!

How it all began

Sandi started her work as a storyteller and inspirational speaker in 2009, after 25 years in the Employment and Training industry.

Thanks to her dedication to the cause, Sandi has travelled across Canada and as far off as Finland, sharing her message of empowerment for Indigenous peoples and respectful cross-cultural relations with all the nations of this great continent.

But her passion will always be her writing. Sandi’s first book, “Honorary Indian” which tells of her Mother’s teachings through Sandi’s life story, was released in 2010, reaching Best Seller status in 2013.

“Her Mother’s Daughter” followed in 2013, reaching Best Seller status in 2015.  In 2018, she released “The PATH”, a book and action plan designed to effectively guide all Canadians to and through reconciliation.

Your daily inspiration

Few things scare the ones who truly realize the depth of what they have survived.

We must remember who we were before “the schools” or the teachings of the schools will continue to resonate in our lives and communities.

To move forward, sometimes you have to return to where you were, to pick up what you forgot.

When a procedural rule prevents progress or resolution, the rule is the problem!

On this day and going forward, please remember that inclusivity and reconciliation are so much more than a logo on a website … or the side of a train.

I am nothing like the woman I once was … but I needed her tears and pains to get here.

No matter the intent, the subject matter, or the location; if it’s a bunch of white people teaching Indigenous youth, it’s assimilation.  It literally cannot be anything else!

Your value was gifted to you on the day you were born.  No one can take that away, unless you give them the power to.

Before the comment, consider the person on the other side of your words.

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