Sandi Boucher inspires, educates and empowers Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples within Canadian borders to live and work together in a healthier, more inclusive and respectful way.

One Vision - A Reconciled Canada

Sandi Boucher is a master of creating safe space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspective, for healing and growth, for dumb questions and difficult conversations.

A proud Ojibwe woman who knows full well the devastation of colonialism, alcoholism and domestic violence, it is her wisdom, her experience, and her metaphors that have made Sandi Boucher an internationally recognized and much-loved speaker.

Sandi is a member of Seine River First Nation in northern Ontario, who began her speaking career in 2009. Now more than a decade later, Sandi continues to use conversational English, stories, humour, metaphors, and personal examples to empower men and women of all cultural backgrounds and she has a vision.

Imagine a beautiful eagle feather. Half of the feather represents the Indigenous peoples of this land. This side has been injured. This side needs to heal, to grow in strength, to remember how to fly before it can do just that.

The other side represents the non-Indigenous people of Canada. They have been misinformed and mislead, taught half-truths and stereotypes about Indigenous peoples from day one. They have built systems and structures that exclude Indigenous peoples and their world views and this must change.

THIS is how we reconcile – by nurturing and tending to both sides of this sacred feather.

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Sandi’s work has assisted elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools; colleges and universities; First Nation communities and agencies; mainstream municipalities and businesses, along with the participants of countless national, international, and regional conferences.

How it all began

Sandi started her work as a storyteller and inspirational speaker in 2009, after 25 years in the Employment and Training industry.

Thanks to her dedication to the cause, Sandi has travelled across Canada and as far off as Finland, sharing her message of empowerment with all the nations of this amazing world.

But her passion will always be her writing. Sandi’s first book, “Honorary Indian” which tells of her Mother’s teachings through Sandi’s life story, was released in 2010, reaching Best Seller status in 2013.

“Her Mother’s Daughter” followed in 2013, reaching Best Seller status in 2015.  In 2018, she released “The PATH”, a book and action plan designed to effectively guide all Canadians to and through reconciliation.

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