Their Choice …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, on this day devoid of deadlines and scheduled appointments, a day offering all the time in the world to just breath, I am sitting here thinking … of dandelions.

Hated by many, I personally love these little messengers from Creator. They stand alone or with others, screaming to the world in all their bright yellow loudness that yes, summer is indeed coming! And when their message has been delivered, they go to seed, allowing the wind to send them wherever the message is needed next.

My students are like those dandelions and last night, as we celebrated the end of the semester with a potluck/pizza party, I shared one last teachable moment with them. I reminded them that a certificate, diploma or degree won’t make them advocates and neither will an institution like a college or university. All this information is valuable in their arsenal, tools they can use to make various points but no, only one thing will make them advocates.

Their choice to be one.

I shared how the opportunity will come for them to add their voice, to speak up to or for something or someone, and in that moment they will choose. I shared how some will falter, not able to find the words. I shared how that is okay, it happens to all of us. But I also shared how I believe with all my heart that when the time is right, when the issue is important enough, perhaps when there is no one else who can speak, that I know they will. After all, they are the humans who chose to study advocacy.

I then reminded them of my talking stick, the one I had brought to class to share with them on numerous occasions. I shared how holding sticks such as mine gives us courage and strength. How the sticks remind us we are not speaking for us, not out of ego or desire for fame, but rather for someone else who cannot. I shared how many shake while speaking, clutching their stick tight, but how they speak nevertheless.

Finally, I shared how I have 20+ students and little time to come up with something but how I wanted them to have something to hang on to when they choose to speak. They loved their keychains, mini talking sticks, each as unique as they are. They will be able to hang on to them without anyone even knowing if they so choose.

And with that gift, our journey together ended.

My students are dandelions now and they will stand alone or with others. When the time is right, Creator will send them where they are most needed, and their talking sticks will travel with them.

And this teacher, well, I am just thrilled I got to be part of their preparation.

Use your voice my friend.
Speak your truth.
You too are needed.
It is after all, why you are here.



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