Who Are You Listening to?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am wondering who you are listening to?

On the day we were born, Creator created perfection in us – a perfect newborn version of us, to be followed by the perfect toddler version of us, the perfect child version of us, the perfect teen version, the perfect adult version.

Along the way, others point out flaws. We are not who they feel we should be. We do not act like they feel we should. We are not … like them but we decide, then or later, if their opinion is more important than who Creator designed us to be. (Personally, I don’t think so.) We decide who we listen to.

And along the way, we often weaken who we are. We make bad choices in people to walk with, habits to pick up, directions to take, and the like. We convince ourselves we could never be this or that, settling for a lesser version of all we were designed to be and all the wrong kinda people will support those decisions. But again, we decide who to listen to.

But (and this is the best part) at any time, that can change. At any age and stage, we can decide to start living up to who Creator built us to be. Here we choose to rename those flaws, now seeing them as the gifts they have always been. We see challenges as the way Creator helps us to stay strong and experiences as wisdom we can now use to assist others. And we start making decisions that honour us and not the wishes of others. We start listening to Creator again.

So on this day my friend, I pray you see how absolutely beautiful you are – the magic that Creator intended. On this day, I pray you are surrounded by those who love every single quirk that you have. I pray you are surrounded by those who encourage you to cherish and love all you are with great plans and good decisions.

Today I pray, that like me, you have finally come to that age and stage where you accept that you may not know all that Creator has in store for you, but that it will be AWESOME!


Because Creator doesn’t make his kids suffer. He cries when we make decisions that lead to pain and he prays as hard as we do that soon we will make better ones.

He is praying for us today.
So am I.



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