Are YOU indigenous ready?

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Our assessment tools aren’t some generic “off the shelf” questionnaires but rather individualized assessments of your business or non-profit agency.

Our assessment has NINE KEY AREAS of consideration:

Target Market

How well do you know your Indigenous market or client group?  Is it general or specific knowledge?


What policies and practices do you have in place and are they assisting you to achieve your agency or sales goals?


Does your product or services meet the needs of your identified Indigenous market or client group?

Market Rating

Your marketing works great for your existing market, but how well does it translate?  Is it being received favorably?

Marketing Training

Marketing to Indigenous markets is simply different from mainstream marketing. Do you know the difference?

Marketing Campaign

Unsure if you can handle the marketing to your Indigenous markets?  We can handle that for you.


What does your target market or client group presently think of your products and/or services?  Do you feel they would provide a positive answer?

Staff Knowledge

How informed/educated/aware are your staff?  Do they understand the nuances of working with Indigenous markets?  Let’s find out.

Staff Training

Building relationships with an Indigenous market can be destroyed in one conversation.  Ensure your staff is the asset you need them to be.

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