When One Puzzle Piece Doesn’t Quite Fit!

Lessons are everywhere. I have shared those words often, but even I can be surprised at where they show up, especially if it is in the middle of some mundane, monotonous administrative task.

Case in point, I have recently began writing/scheduling my blog posts ahead of time (rather than the usual 5 minutes before posting). This allows me, not only more time to contemplate my message, but more time to finetune it before setting it free on the interweb.

Changing one thing – writing a blog post ahead of time, has allowed me to schedule posts to my website and all-over social media. I already knew the mechanics of how to do that but none of it was possible when I wrote the post last minute.

As it turns out, that was the one puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit. Tweaking that changed EVERYTHING as my offerings to you leveled up almost effortlessly … with that one change.

So, this is me, kicking it back to you my friend. Think of your organizational processes, your client engagement strategies, your parenting procedures – if they are not working as you wish they would, perhaps one piece doesn’t quite fit.

It will be hard to see at first. In fact, it may very well disguise itself as the ANCHOR to the whole dang thing (as my blog posts did). But the value matters little if the PROCESS is stalling everything.

Give it some thought, my friend. As an indigenous woman in Canada, I can say with ALL CERTAINTY there are some puzzle pieces that just don’t fit in many (if not most) systems and processes we must engage with on the reg.

Reconciliation takes change. So too, does a finished puzzle.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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