Receptive …


I am awake, I am alive, and today I am merely … receptive.

On this beautiful Saturday in my amazing home, I am simply waiting to see what Creator wants to show me.. No plans for the day. No “have to’s” or “must do’s”. Simply me, in my home, with a full 24-hours to savour.

Good chance today will involve some reading. There is definitely a “topic of interest” I want to become an expert on. Good chance my dishwasher will run or the washing machine or both but no promises.

It is Saturday after all.

And there is a balcony and a beautiful sun and a furball that loves cuddles.

Yes, this day has endless possibilities for an agenda but for now, I can only see the next 5 minutes. All that will involve is savouring this coffee and catching up with a FB friend or two or ten.


Next week I travel. Today I simply enjoy being “home”.


And you my friend, do you enjoy where you are? Physically? Emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually? Do you enjoy where you are standing and who you stand beside?

I pray the answer is yes my friend. If not, maybe today is a great day to come up with a plan,a plan to change that.


Food for thought. I love you!

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