Our Song …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning … I prepare.

Today is all about final seminar prep as I finish up things in anticipation of the week’s events. This week I once again have the opportunity to speak to members of one of our communities. This week I will once again speak of colonialism, of shame taught and inherited, of resulting low self-esteem, of lateral violence and violence in all its other forms.

In short, this week I will again discuss how we got here (and it is NOT because their Chief is ripping them off or because they are drowning in alcohol. Those are symptoms but knowledge can be the cure).

Yes, this week I have the opportunity and the related responsibility to assist our own to look at their community, their family, and themselves in a more enlightened and compassionate way because that is where our strength is.

As in times past, in our circle, we shared. In our circle, we admitted shortcomings and found support not judgment.. There we found guidance and reassurance and empathy, not ridicule, condemnation, and abandonment.

Which is why, of course, the circles had to be destroyed, for as long as we blame each other, as long as we sit in judgment of each other, we are singing in unison with those who wish us out of the way. And if we keep singing with them, we will soon be.

But this week, I remind our own that we were born to sing a different song. That we must now move from shamed student to wise teacher. Our Mother needs us now, to speak truth, before she is emptied of her organs and reduced to barren rock.

This week the pride returns, hand in hand with knowledge, and I cannot wait to walk with my participants but first … the packing.

It will be a great day and a great week.
I pray you too can say same my friend.
I pray.

Today let us not condemn or judge. Today, let us sing another song.



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