What Did You Learn?

Was listening to my “Daily Fire” this morning (part of a motivational app I use every day) and Brendon Bruchard (the creator of the app) asked one simple yet very powerful question …

“Where did you learn that?”

He was talking about discouragement, but his question had me reflecting on my Mom and all she taught me.

You see, I watched my Mom, scared stiff she would be homeless after Dad died, unable to pay the mortgage and all the bills on her own (Hmmmm roots of my fear of homelessness perhaps?) only to watch her receive the news that the mortgage was paid in full, thanks to the insurance they had purchased.

I watched my Mom then attack the other bills, one by one. She sought out a lawyer, and with legal assistance sent a letter to every creditor explaining that she would pay in full, but it would take time. I watched her literally cut up her credit cards and I watched her every payday, write in her accounting ledger, recording that week’s payment for each bill. And finally, I watched her put a big red line through accounts paid off, pages left in her book to remind her of her progress.

Is it any surprise I am who I am with that example?

But I had other teachers too, teachings that taught me my “less than” value as an indigenous young woman, my less than value as a woman period and on and on. Luckily, I learned fairly young that with adulthood comes the ability to pick your teachers, the ability to find those you need, along with the ability to reprogram lessons taught earlier in our journey.

Today, my friend, I invite you to think of the lessons you were taught about reconciliation. Have you ever seen anyone successfully reconcile? (I have, a hundred times.). If so, how did they do it? If not, is that why you are cynical about Canada’s chances?

The journey continues, made easier when we unpack some stuff.

I love you!

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