Changes (or Not) …


I am awake, I am alive, and today my journey continues, literally, as I pack up and head to Rutgers, MN.

I smile as I type that, giggling to myself at how much my journey has changed with age, and how in some ways it absolutely hasn’t.

On the “changed” side, the fact that I really no longer “sweat the small stuff” understanding fully now that the control I thought I had over my environment was an exhausting illusion. Creator knows where I need to go and who I need to meet. Comfy with letting him drive these days.

Add to that the fact that my value is no longer in the hands of others – that’s a big change. Whether date, lover, spouse, colleague, friend, participant or fan, I appreciate the feedback and take note of my suggestions without ever letting any of that get to my core. For in my core, I know who I am, why I am here, and what I must do.

But as I nurse bruised ribs through the 4-6 weeks of healing they require, I am again reminded that a healthy body cannot be taken for granted at any stage, and definitely not in my 50’s.

Rest, self care, good food, exercise – all of those have increased in priority in my eyes and life. I do not think that is a bad thing.

Yet, still I maintain my wonder, the wonder of a 3-year old on Christmas morn. On this trip, I will no doubt stop many times to marvel at all Creator has given us. Might even shed a tear or ten over what a human or two has taken away.

The journey continues and for that I am thankful.

What have you unpacked and discarded along your journey my friend and what do you hang on to? Don’t hang on to pain or wrongs done in the past, for they only weigh you down. Hang on to joy instead. Hang on to every second of love you have been gifted. Hang on to the best parts of you. THOSE are the gifts worth carrying.

Enjoy this day my friend.


I love you.


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