It’s Gonna Get Messy!

This time I was listening to a masterclass by Carrie Green (the owner of the Female Entrepreneur Association) and she mentioned how “rooms get messier before we get them organized”.

I giggled at the mental image that popped into my head, a memory of the THOUSAND times I had set out to “organize” my office or bedroom or kitchen or whatever only to find myself standing in the midst of an insane mess an hour later … but in the end it came together, always as good if not better than I had hoped.

Canada … we are just beginning.

Canada … it’s going to get REALLY messy.

Canada … we are going to have to sort through things and find out what we want to keep, and what is old and broken now, and what we just need to throw out, and what we can upcycle, and what new things we need to get.

But it won’t be pretty, and it won’t be comfortable.

It’s going to be downright messy.

In other words, this is just a gentle reminder to everyone that if in the next few days or weeks or months or years, you feel totally overwhelmed, like this reconciliation thing is NEVER going to happen … just remember, that’s exactly how it feels to be standing in the midst of an insane mess.

But it does come together, as long as you keep sorting.

I love you!

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