Walking With My Mom …


I am awake, I am alive, and today, I get to walk with my Mom again and that makes me smile.

The work I did preparing for the seminar I will deliver today revealed many things to me, especially how I am most definitely my Mother’s daughter.

You see, my Mom had one mission in life – to give her children everything they would need to go on without her. She had no ego. She was not interested in proving how much she knew. Rather she was focused on helping us find and believe in our wisdom, for she knew one day she wouldn’t be there to guide us.

I smile as I think of how I start every seminar, how I tell participants that the seminar isn’t about me. It’s about them and what they will do after I leave. It’s about getting them to believe in themselves, their wisdom, their truth. (Sound familiar?)

But more, I now realize, as I did the first day that I delivered “The PATH” (the seminar based on my latest book), that each and every time I deliver a seminar, I stand naked before them. I share my story – my truths, my wisdom, my findings in hopes they will hear. I share hard truths about our lives as indigenous peoples, our pain, and where I believe salvation can be found – inside where the wisdom always was.

I stand naked and teach how we were taught to judge each other, to condemn, to shame, for our enemies knew that together we were/are just too strong.

I stand naked in hopes that my participants can find their way past the gossip and shame, past the bullying and judgment, all the way back to each other.

Today, I am blessed with another opportunity to enjoy just how amazingly beautiful each of my participants are, in spite of what they might have done. I will look into their eyes like my Mother did before me, as if they are the most important person on the planet, for in that moment they will be.

Today I will believe in them, so they can do same, just as Mom did for I am most definitely my Mother’s daughter and today I do as she taught.

Today I introduce even more people to the woman who created me and I couldn’t be more proud to share with them the fruit of her labour.

Which begs the question my friend – the kids and ancestors are watching? It’s not about your words but your actions, so what are you teaching your kids or grandkids to do? I pray it’s love. I pray it’s empathy. I pray they do not learn judgment or gossip. I pray …

The journey continues even after we are gone, in the hands of those who watch us and learn. Together, let us show them how to love even if, especially if, that was not what we were taught.

I’ll start.


I love you, all of you, flaws and all. Hugssssssssss



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