Back Home from … Home


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I acknowledge that I am home, after spending the week … at home in another place.

Treaty #3 – my treaty area, the home of my Mom and those that came before her, the land with teachings that resonate in my bones, an area where my words now resonate as familiar with those who call Treaty #3 home.

This week I was not technically in Treaty #3 but I had the honour and privilege of sharing my Mom with many of the men and women of Naitcatchewenin First Nation and they are most definitely Treaty #3.

In that group, I found the descendants of my Gramma and Grampa as we rejoiced at finding more family. In that room, we acknowledged our challenges and shortcomings and then we discussed how to fix them in true Nish style.

This week decolonization was PRACTICED along with the Medicine Wheel and 7 Grandfather Teachings. This week students became teachers as chests puffed out a little more, frames stood a little taller, smiles grew a little wider. This week the pride increased in the bodies and spirits of those who deserve it. In other words, every single man and woman in attendance and I got to watch.

On a side note – my rib pain, that makes walking difficult, magically disappeared in seminar, as I laughed and talked and walked and shared from the heart, not out of blame or shame, but out of concern for the men and the women in the room that I may or may not see ever again.

It was a great week, a week of teachings given and received. I am better and happier for it but today my focus changes.

Next week, another group, another topic, and more spirits that need to know cultural pride.

The journey continues and I cannot WAIT to see who I get to meet next!

And you my friend, who will Creator send to you today? Via phone, email, text, FB post or in person they will come. Ask yourself why they were sent. All carry lessons after all – of what to do or not do, of things to realize or reminders that perhaps it is time to set something down.

Join me my friend. The journey continues …




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