Savouring …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning only one word comes to mind …. savour.

This morning I am savouring the coffee, savouring the sun streaming in over my balcony, savouring the sounds of home, savouring each morning meow of my furball roommate, savouring that is Saturday, savouring this absolutely amazing life that I love so much.

No plans although I do have an errand or two to do. But they can wait. Coffee first.

I hear a book calling my name.

My balcony is whispering, “Join me”.

It is going to be an amazing day after an amazing week.


Thank you Creator for the dark days that make it so absolutely easy to savour the days in the sun. Thank you for the uncomfortable moments that make it so easy to spot the comfy ones. Thank you for the conflict that makes this peace all the more sweet.

Today my friend, I wish you peace and comfort and sun and I pray you savour every single gift as the treasure it is.



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