Sunday Food for Thought …


I am awake, I am alive, and today the journey continues as the final prep is completed for Monday’s youth seminar.

Yes, tomorrow will be about empowering our youth, reminding them of their strengths in a world that does not seem them, reminding them of their resilience and the wisdom already growing inside them.

Tomorrow is going to be a very good day.

And so will today, as I put together the final participant packages and finish a surprise or two or ten. I know the participants will enjoy what I am delivering, resulting in a heartfelt smile on my face.

Yes, today is a good day too.

No travel this week. Just making a difference here at home, in the city that also needs a positive change or two or ten.

The journey continues but this woman is grateful for every step, every chance to encourage another for they are who we will leave behind one day, whether they are encouraged or discouraged, empowered or disempowered, hopeful or fearful.

I know the effect I want to have in my time here. Do you my friend, do you?

Food for thought on this glorious Sunday..



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