Grateful? Yes.


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am EXCITED to begin another amazing week!

The week starts with two amazing days with the Matawa summer students, empowering their minds and spirits as we move from this point in time to their futures. We will discuss lessons learned and skills required for leadership and a WHOLE BUNCH of awesome stuff and I can’t WAIT!

And then, it is back to the office, as puzzle pieces continue to come together … or not. If there is one thing this weekend has taught me it is simply that life teaches you a lot about business and business teaches you a lot about life. I had no clue how inter-related they were but with each day, I learn.

Its a busy week of proposals and emails, fine-tuning and developing future plans, sprinkled with moments of sheer gratitude for the opportunity. And I guess that is where I differ from some I know, for I always see the opportunity.

That didn’t work? Opportunity to try a new way.

That worked great? Opportunity to repeat it or do it even better next time.

Chance to learn? Opportunity to grow.

Stopped in my tracks? Obviously heading the wrong way.

All I need is inside me, as my Mother so often reminded. The potential to read the signs, the mental ability to make a decision, the strength to brush myself off and keep going, the spirit to believe in myself when others might not.

But if I could, I would wave a magic wand over this great world, wave it over the discouraged, the abused, the downtrodden. I would wave a magic wand so that the next time they saw their reflection, they would see how beautiful, amazing, strong and wise they are. They would see that others who see them as less are the ones that are wrong.

Because until we can believe in ourselves, everyone else is in charge of our happiness, our progress, our joy and that is the saddest reality of all.

So this is me, thankful that the days when I let someone else define my value are long behind me. This is me, running to and through every opportunity that Creator sends, praying its still a marathon because there are many, many more laps I want to do.

Complacent? Me? No.
Grateful. Yes.



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