Sunday Thoughts …


I am awake, I am alive, and Sunday stretches before me like a gift store filled with possibilities to enjoy.

I could head into work, getting a jump-start on the week’s To Do’s, thereby reducing the stress come Monday morning.

I could trim the tree.

I could continue my progress on my crocheting project.

I could do a whole lotta nada … but I haven’t decided yet and that is the beauty of this day.

You see, there is nothing I HAVE to do. Haven’t decided what I WANT to do yet so this is me, staying in the moment, enjoying each sip of my amazing coffee as I said my daily message off to you.

Kinda like conversing with the penpals of my youth – writing my message, and then sending it out into the internet waves (as opposed to a mailbox) with no idea when it will be delivered.

Early birds will get it in a matter of minutes.

Others may receive it in an hour or so.

Some may never read these words.

And that’s okay too. I write the words. Who needs to receive them – that’s Creator’s department and he is definitely working today, as he does every minute of every day.

A beautiful Sunday thought.

Have a great one my friend, doing whatever you do or don’t do on this day. Just know …



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