Irrelevant Intent …

This morning, yet another guiding principle, a quote to assist you on your journey. It is short, simple, but yet so powerful in practice. Simply …

Intent does not trump result.

In other words, the fact that you didn’t mean to be “offensive” (intent) does not negate the fact that someone was offended.

The fact that you “meant no harm” does not erase the fact that you caused harm.

In fact, ill intent is rarely required. Ignorance is more than enough to burn bridges. So too is the practice of speaking before thinking.

Truth be told, we are in the midst of THE BIGGEST LEARNING CURVE in Canadian history, comparable to the arrival of the first colonizers. Then, they were learning how to live and survive here. Now, we are trying to learn how to do that together.

So please, do not even MENTION intent when harm or offence is caused. Instead, genuinely, immediately apologize. That is all that is needed.

The intent was and still remains … irrelevant.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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