Be a Gift …


I am awake, I am alive, and again today, I have the opportunity to make a difference …

Today, I can speak truth, not the kind that diminishes and disrespects others, but the truth that lifts them up, the truth I see each time I interact with another of Creator’s amazing creations.

Today, I can work hard, doing good things in return for the sacred air, the sacred water, the sacred planet so freely shared with us by Creator rather than choosing to merely use them up.

Today I can help. Today I can encourage. Today I can be that human that others are happy they had the chance to interact with.

And today I will. After all, I am here on purpose. Not as a weight. Not as a burden. Not as a price to pay. But as the gift my Mother thought me to be on the day I was born.

Be a gift today my friends. It is that simple. Be a gift – to him, to her, to them, to your neighborhood, your community and this planet.

Be part of the solution. Be a gift. Be the gift I know you to be.



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