How You Doin’?

This is me, wondering how you are doing, how you have been able to process and/or “handle” my blog posts of late.

Because they were not “academic”. They were not “safe topics of discussion”. In some cases, they were incredibly raw and vulnerable, showing painful authenticity.

Welcome to working with indigenous peoples.

Because you see, when you come to one of our communities to discuss employment and training, or housing, or infrastructure, you get all of us at the boardroom table. You don’t get one or two relevant puzzle pieces, you get the whole damaged, yet-to-be-completed puzzle.

For in that room, you will hear of lose and grief, of poverty and violence, or frustration and perhaps even anger. You will get all of us because that is how we were taught to respect you. To give you our complete attention, to bring all of us to the table.

But if you are non-indigenous, can you respect us in a similar fashion?

Can you be as authentic?

Can you be as vulnerable?

Can you be someone who truly has our back and not just for the foreseeable future?

Because that is what we were taught friends do. And we work with friends, not enemies, not strangers but friends. You may call them allies. We expect more.

So again, how you doin?

The journey continues …

I love you!

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