Silent Judgment

Silent judgment – a term I have long applied to those who look on with upturned noses and silent lips but this morning a new judge makes himself known – the self.

I have long said I love the silence of my home but the silence of Eabametoong has made me realize my home is merely “city silent” and therefore not silent at all.

Here a mosquito sounds like it travels with amp attached. Here the buzz of fluorescent light is almost deafening to all but the inner voice.

So what if that voice is not nice or worse, abusive? What if that brain has heard far too much condemnation and far too little encouragement? When a voice is so loud how do you ignore it?

My resolve to make a difference renewed, I finish my prep for the day. I have women to hang with after all and they need to hear I believe in them so that tomorrow morning they too can enjoy the silence.

The work continues as does the enlightenment.

Strive not to judge; strive instead to understand.


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