Privilege … on my Page

This morning, I am sharing what I so recently identified, that being the INCREDIBLE amount of privilege shown on my page.

And to be clear, this is MY page. Like your home, I get to decide who is here, who is welcomed and who is turned away.

But privilege has many believing they can go ANYWHERE (some even think that is their RIGHT). Many believe they have the right to understand everything and if they don’t, we are obligated to explain things to them.

And that they can post anything they want on MY page.

And that is where they are wrong.

If you see something that is erroneous in your indigenous mind (because a non-indigenous mind may simply be lacking awareness), feel free to private message (PM) me. I will read your words. If valid, I will make the correction but to be clear, YOU do not get to decide what will be shared with the followers of my page. Only I have that responsibility, not out of ego but out of STEWARDSHIP.

For those not familiar, when I created this and any other social media page, I committed to making them safe spaces. As I have said often, safe spaces don’t just happen. They must be created, and they must be defended.

For the safety of my followers, I stand behind EVERY WORD show on my page. If I do not agree, I do not post it. If I do not think it valuable information for you, I do not share. Which is why I must vet everything that appears on my page, every link, every share, everything.

Because here you are safe.

Many are not willing to carry such a responsibility. They throw out this and that information, out of ego or a need to be heard, hitchhiking on the efforts of others who create such pages with little or no consideration of the effect their words may have on the reader. That doesn’t and won’t happen here. THAT is stewardship.

So, if you find that offensive or unreasonable, check your privilege. You have no rights on this page, except, of course, to safety.

Trust when I say, I take this responsibility very seriously. This page is not an indigenous community, under our control only until Canada has the need to cut through. Here I AM in charge, and I will do all it takes to protect the guests in my virtual territory.

Miigwetch for listening and … for adjusting where needed.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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