Hate It!

Don’t you just hate it when someone talks down to you?

In a condescending tone, they explain things to you like this is your first day on the planet. In an instance, your expertise, your experience, your intelligence are delegated to the irrelevant pile as they explain in a painful step-by-infuriating -step manner.

I smiled as I wrote that, realizing that is the exact opposite of what I do in these messages.

You see, I realize many of you may be thinking that this year’s posts are harder, more blunt, more demanding. And I would say you are right. They probably are but it’s not because I’m angry or growing cynical. It’s simply because I have total faith that YOU have grown over our time together.

In my mind, you don’t need handholding. You need guidance, information, and encouragement.

Happy to provide.

So hang in there my friend. University is harder than kindergarten but not to someone who has already learned so much.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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