Random Sunday Thoughts …


I am awake, I am alive, as random thoughts and emotions dance around in my head …

I’m smiling as I realize how much sleep I am getting thanks to my neck pain.

I’m straight out giggling at the fact that I am now one of those “older peeps” who walk around smelling like A5-3-5 (and I am certain, just like them, I don’t care two beans if it means the pain is being held at bay).

I’m excited because today the amazing Pam Hubbard, graphic recorder extraordinaire, is coming to my home to literally map out my vision! The images will be used in upcoming seminars and on my websites. Exciting stuff!

And lastly, it is Sunday and this neck of mine is still insulted by whatever I did to it so once Pam is gone, I have to focus on another form of reconciliation – not between Canadians and Indigenous people, but between me and this neck of mine.

After all, I am hoping we can travel together for awhile longer.

So, the journey continues on this amazing Sunday, a day that has me saying, “Thank you Creator for the Mom who taught me how to persevere, for the Dad who taught me how to laugh even in the face of pain, but most of all for this journey that allows me to utilize all you have given me!”

Yes, the journey continues … thank God.

I love you my friend! Enjoy this super, duper double delicious day in whatever form it takes for you and I do hope that form is “joy”. And if not, keep going. Know that even the darkest night eventually ends.


I love you!


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