As Sandi has told her audiences for years, “Reconciliation is a journey!”


The needs of a business or non-profit entity, a municipality or a First Nation community are rarely addressed IN FULL with one seminar or workshop.

To better meet the needs of those she serves, Sandi created FLEX CONSULTING, an all-encompassing plan offering the widest range of options at the most economical price.

How you use your initial (or subsequent) deposit is UP TO YOU!

  • Book Lunch n’ Learn Sessions for your staff (and pay only the hourly rate).
  • Book Zoom sessions to discuss pressing or current issues.
  • Book full or half day training sessions.
  • Book Q&A sessions (Live or Virtual) ONLY AS NEEDED
  • Book a telephone chat for your management team to discuss topics of a sensitive nature
  • Send an email and Sandi will respond back promptly (within 24 hours or sooner, if specified as urgent).


Download the Information Guide or phone/email for more information.

Sandi is here, waiting to support your reconciliation journey!

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