I Believe

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I BELIEVE!

You see, I have come to understand that I can only achieve what deep inside, I believe I can. It might be buried under tons of self-doubt and questions. The “how” might be blurry but my power and strength is in believing in me and my ability to find a way.

(After all, I have found a way out of many a dicey situation in the past.
Today’s challenges and my dreams of tomorrow are no different.)

So yes, my friend, I DO believe I can change Canada for the better. Not by joining some party. Not by towing a party line but by using my voice and my teachings in every forum I am invited into. By using respect and compassion, not just with those that need it, but with those that seem like they don’t. And by not repeating their mistakes.

So, this is me, turning from the path of judgment, a tool used against Indigenous nations and peoples historically and in present day. I won’t judge those who judge. Rather, I will wait for the chance to share info with them, while I am busy helping those who don’t.

This is me, turning from hate, for hate kills. History and the 6 o’clock news show us that.

Today I will reach into my memories so as to hang onto the patience of Jo, the laughter of my Mom, the wisdom of Frieda, the strength of Agnes, and on and on. Today, I will follow them, not the path of the oppressor.

Today, like they did time and time again, I will work, work to make a difference in the lives of those I meet and for those who will come after I am gone.

I will cherish the air and water given me, the trees and the streams, determined to save them so that my great great great grandchildren will not be taught that trees “once existed”.

Today, I fight for our descendants, one step, one discussion, one decision at a time just like Jo, Mom, Frieda and Agnes did.

I believe I can make a difference, in my own unique way, just as they did. I am ready and today, I will try.

Are you ready? Will you try?

My workday now begins but first, thank you Creator for the teachers and thank you just as much for those who must now carry on the work.

I love you, my friend!


***This is an excerpt from Sandi’s most recent book, “I am Awake …”. available for purchase on her website or Amazon***