A 60-Minute Reconciliation Trial Run

Automatic car starters should come with a training course. Or so I thought, as my winter break began and I found myself locked out of my own car with my purse, my keys, and my phone all safely inside. All I had with me was my ice scrapper.

A call to my landlord confirmed that I would indeed be rescued but it also meant I had an hour to wait. A nearby business owner lent me $5 to buy a coffee and so, there I was, sitting in an empty coffee shop, alone, with no phone or internet to distract me, with 60 minutes to kill.

No surprise that I discovered 60 minutes is a lot of time when you actually savour each minute. There was no rush, no list of things to do, nothing but acceptance and the opportunity to just be, to take my time, to feel each breath, to notice the world around me.

As I sat, I could not help but think that the PATH to reconciliation requires the same break from the insanity of progress. Reconciliation requires we take time. Not time to achieve, but time to just be, time to realize how we are feeling, what we were thinking, and what we have to unpack. Conversely, it requires time for us to realize what others are feeling, what they were or are thinking while they unpack, especially if they sit on the other side of the feather.

Reconciliation requires we value each other in a way that has been rarely done before, in the same way we must learn to value each minute, each breath, each tree, each opportunity, each storm, each sunset and sunrise, and each relationship.

Reconciliation will take time, a lot more than a mere 60 minutes. But as it turns out, cherishing the minutes in an hour is a great practice run. Give it a try and please, don’t say you don’t have time. We need to have time, for ourselves to think and for each other, if we ever hope to reconcile.

In my mind, you are worth the time. Reconciliation is worth the time. I pray you say same.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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