Know We Are Watching …

Yesterday, I was reminded of a teaching I have heard most of my life …

“The healing will begin in the hands of the women.”

As I continue on this PATH to reconciliation, I cannot help but think:
a) That is part of the problem.
b) That is the first step towards the solution.

To translate, mainstream (especially corporate Canada) still has little use for the feminine voice. CEOS and the like much prefer the “old boys club” to opening the door to young, bright, female minds.

But if they can’t open the door to their own in the female form, how can they open the door in any true way to us?

The answer – they can’t, and they won’t.

So indigenous followers, watch how your non-indigenous partners treat their female representatives. Are they at the VP level and higher or just frontline? Take note. It is a very reliable indicator of just how much value they will put on your words especially once the meeting is over and you are no longer across from them.

And to my non-indigenous followers, is your company ready for reconciliation, truly ready? First hint, look at the women in your organization. Where do they sit? How often are they heard, asked, or included?

Equality, diversity, and inclusion benefits us all but know, we are watching. We will put our effort towards working with those who have already begun the work on their own side of the feather.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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