Balanced Consultants …

As I look at my schedule for the next few months, I stop, smile, and give thanks to Creator for ALWAYS providing me with balance.

And that my friends, is what I encourage you to find.

Now of course, you should have balance in your life, in your work, etc. but that is not the balance I am speaking of today. Today, I am speaking of balance in your consultants.

You see, I have been so blessed. My career STARTED in First Nation communities, giving me a firm grounding in tradition, iced with the teachings of all the amazing elders I meet along my journey (and trust me, I LISTEN!).

But as my work moved to the other side of the feather and I began working with non-indigenous institutions and entities, Creator ensured I remained grounded my ensuring that I never left the communities, that I continued to work with them, for their benefit and my own.

Which brings me to the guidance I am speaking of today. When choosing an indigenous consultant to work with, ask them if they are grounded. Ask them how often they spend time in their community (keeping in mind their community may be an urban population). Ask them how often they hear the words of elders. Ask them how many in their community know their name.

In this era of pretendians, the consultants you need are known and recognized by those they claim to represent. A formal education cannot be at the expense of traditional guidance and teaching for if it is, the only result is … a total lack of balance.

And in this era of reconciliation, balance is essential, perhaps more than ever before.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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