Empty Tank …

The articles are filled with opinion. Rather than celebrating that Jacinda Ardern is a woman fully aware of what she can and cannot do, the announcement that she is stepping down is portrayed as failure, as burnout, and more.

And I shake my head at the silly humans who do not understand.

Burning out at a job you hate, burning out because someone else demands such of you, those are things to complain about. But to give all you have, to give for a cause, to give until you have nothing left and then to walk away with your head held high … that is the stuff warriors are made of.

The articles made me think of my elder, now passed. She gave it all. She left nothing on the table. She worked tirelessly for what she believed in until she couldn’t.

Jacinda did same and that is hard for some to accept or understand because they are not as lucky as her or my elder or me. Those who do not understand are not living their passion, fighting for what they believe in, they are merely fighting.

And that can burn you out.

Find the passion, my friend. Find what is worth giving your all for. Not your kids (for they will one day grow up and leave you as healthy children should). Not your partner, not another human at all. But perhaps a group of humans, or this planet, or children in general.

I have no idea what you find worthy, but I know you need to find it before you give your all to something that doesn’t matter at all … to you.

Food for thought.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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