Biimahdizewin Youth Lodge …


I am awake, I am alive, the anger has been expressed, the tears have been shed, now it is back to work because tears and expletives are not enough.

This morning I head out to do my part, to support and encourage and attempt to assist a group of humans that Canada has failed time and time again – our youth who age out of care.

The treatment of Indigenous peoples in this country, historically and in present day, is atrocious but there is a next level of ugly when it comes to Indigenous kids in care. These are kids ripped from their parents homes, sometimes from good parents wrongly judged, often from parents totally unable to care for them. Their lives become a pinball game as they are bounced from one foster home to the next. Speaking their mind, complaints of any kind, gets them bounced. They rarely feel loved and more often than not simply feel unwanted and then, they age out.

Sign this paper. You are now on your own. Have a great life.

Many join the homeless population. Most will turn to drugs or crime. Many will land in our jails or morgues. These are our kids and we have failed them as a country, as our Anishnaabe nations, as the generations who came before who were suppose to keep them safe, the generation who couldn’t.

But now is not the time for explanations or excuses. We failed. Now is the time to humbly admit that. Now is the time to make up for the past, the time to create a home for them, one where they will always be welcome, no matter what. I was raised to believe that was the definition of “home” but sadly over the years, judgement has replaced that ideal.

Not anymore.

So this morning I head out. There are youth to listen to, youth to support, and youth to apologize to. It is time. Time to start making this right.

Join me. Pray for the youth. Today, if you get the chance, listen to one. It might just save their life.




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