Safe vs. Comfortable


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am safe and comfortable, even as I acknowledge those two things are not the same.

This weekend I posted of the importance of “holding space” for others, the importance of creating “safe” places. This morning, the simple reminder that “safe” does not mean “comfortable”.

It comes up in my seminars all the time. I pride myself on being able to create safe places for my participants. In seminar, they can share “I don’t know …” or “I don’t understand …” or even “Why don’t they…?” As long as there is no judgment or condemnation hidden within their statement/question, they are free to share.

But growing is uncomfortable. Having long-standing beliefs highlighted and exposed as erroneous can feel very uncomfortable. That is okay. That is healing. That is learning.

I smile as I type these words, thinking of so many of us who have attended healing or sharing circles. We know very well that there is no comfort in confronting your demons. There is no comfort in sharing your deepest pains so that the drums and medicines can take them away, but there is safety.

Today and everyday, let us dare to unpack our suitcases. Let us move away from absolutes (ie They are ALL like that. It will NEVER change. It ALWAYS happens.) towards healthier communications based in fact, not fiction passed down through the generations.

Get comfy with being uncomfortable. Like the shoes we outgrew as children, it is simply us shedding who we were to stand in the sun, more educated, more aware, more alive.


The journey continues.

I pray I have the chance to grow today, even if it is uncomfortable and I pray the same for you my friend.



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