When Passion Kills Passion


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am still processing the lessons of the weekend, including what I learned of passion.

Gawd knows, anyone who knows me knows I am ALL about passion. I am passionate about my life, my work, my friends, my family and on and on but this weekend I saw what can happen when passion blinds us to the passion of others.

You see, I have learned that there are many things worth being passionate about. In our communities, some are passionate about the environment, while others are passionate about creating some kind of economic stability for the community. Both are important. Both deserve our passion but trouble ensues when one overshadows or wipes out the other.

The challenge, as always, is to find the way to meet both needs. It is not easy, our journey never is, but that is the challenge we face.

So to with our youth and our elders, our women and our men, our on-reserve and off-reserve populations, our rural and urban inhabitants and on and on and on.

According to my teachings, this is exactly why we have so many activists and so many elders. One is here to fight for the youth, whereas the other speaks of honouring our elders. One speaks of life in a community whereas another guides those in the shadow of concrete buildings.

Today my friend, let us walk our path, let us continue to be passionate about issues that our friends and family experience but let us not ever be so blind as to think our passion is the only one worth tending to.

Medicine Wheel teaches that all segments are important. We cannot save the youth only to abandon them with no supports as adults or elders.

Today and every day, this kwe is happy to walk with, near, behind and for so many passionate people. After all, passionate burns bright and that is exactly what those in the dark need.

Keep the light going my friend, just don’t burn a co-worker.



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