YOU Make a Difference!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am simply acknowledging that today and almost every day, we all make a difference to someone, whether online or in person …

Some of us encourage. Some of us condemn.

Some of us add sunshine and light. Some of us add gloom and despair.

Some of us will be the voice of reason in another’s confusion while some of us will be the cause of that confusion.

Some of us will be the stranger than didn’t acknowledge another’s existence. Some of us will be the stranger whose smile made it all better.

Some of us will be a welcome “blast from the past”. Some of us will be the one who never calls.

We all make a difference, somewhere to someone at some point. The only choice is what kind of difference we choose to make.

Today my friend, shut off auto-pilot. CHOOSE each smile, each word. CHOOSE the result for the receiver. Even if it doesn’t help, know you CHOSE to try.

You are my friend, so I know you are the type of person who will.



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