Travelin’ …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning the journey continues even as I smile and acknowledge that I am getting WAY better at this “traveling” thing.

And by that, I simply mean I am getting much better at living and designing a life that feeds my soul, changing it as I change. Last week, I kissed my home phone good-bye, something I never thought would happen but now, I don’t miss it at all! And this week, cable tv of any kind is gone, eliminating the “veg and become one with the couch” option that never left me feeling good about my choices.

After all, if you don’t feel good about your choices, how can you possibly feel good about your life?

With those changes, my journey morphs into one much closer to the life of my dreams. Proof positive – last night, instead of mindless tv, my home was filled with my favourite songs (a perfect soundtrack to a perfect life). I smiled, I danced, and I beaded as my home fed my soul and not my bad habits.

And let us not forget my “afternoon off” yesterday. Yes, self care is another thing I am WAY better at these days! When I began to feel my working all weekend in my bones, I knew it was time to do something, BEFORE the self doubt and depression set in. An afternoon of rest lead to an evening of joy, leaving this woman so thankful for my age-acquired wisdom.

This morning I embrace the idea that “nothing changes if nothing changes”. As I change and improve, so too does my life, my home, and the relationships I hold dear. It is perfect in my mind, a home of happiness that will be the perfect foundation to stand upon when next the storm clouds come in.

But rest assured, there is no “waiting for the other shoe to drop” here. This is me, ENJOYING my good days. I will worry about the challenging ones when they arrive. No sense giving them more time than they deserve!

Today, I pray for same for you my friend. Today, please BELIEVE in the great chapters of life, BELIEVE they can and WILL happen for YOU, and then get busy making it so.

It might take something as simple as turning off the tv.

Food for thought …



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