How Hard Are You Working?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am wondering, “How much are you working?”

I hear it or see it all the time. A young Mom laments not being able to further her education or career. She doesn’t feel she is doing enough. Yet, she is growing humans, first in her body and then in her home. She is helping establish values, ethics, eating habits and behavioral patterns that will help or hinder society for generations to come. She is developing the next generation of warriors. In my mind, she works almost 24/7 except for the 20 minute cat nap and the 3 hours of sleep she gets on the reg.

Then we have the young man or woman who states that they simply do not have time to pursue higher education or to tackle more responsibility at work (more responsibility that would launch them into higher pay and more holiday time). But I look closer, and they are in the most emotionally draining relationship ever, constantly trying to soothe, inspire, motivate and empower another grown human (one who needs to learn how to do this for themselves, for THEIR sake). These men and women are also working near 24/7 as well, often without even realizing and more often than not, it is not healthy.

So I repeat my friend, “How much are you working?”

There is only so much energy in a human body, mind, spirit and heart so who/what do you give it to?

– Good health takes work.
– A spirituality that you can lean on takes work.
– Child-rearing takes work.
– Intimate partner relationships take work.
– Friendships take work.
– Co-worker/colleague relationships take work.
– Employer/employee relationships take work.
– Education takes work.
– Work takes work.
– Maintaining a home takes work.
– Tending a garden takes work.

So decide, here and now, where do you wish to put your time? Do not think you can do it all. What are your priorities? Your top 5 if you will. (Consider that small children need you but perhaps you need your garden, to refuel your heart and soul.)

Choose wisely but choose.

I would be willing to bet you work exceptionally hard each day, which explains your emotional and physical exhaustion. But please, do me a favour. Make sure you are doing the kinda work that matters to you, the kind that will get you where you want and need to be.

The rule – Don’t sacrifice yourself for another. Don’t do it alone. That my friends, is what balance and/or self care is all about.

Our nations cry out for self-determination. It starts with determining for yourself what and who gets your energy.

Food for thought …



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