Renewed …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning my thoughts are on renewal.

Mother Earth is the example. Each winter she sleeps, she rests, but each spring she tries again. Once again she believes so the tree buds and the flowers blossom and the fish spawn and the grass grows …

Yesterday, it wass my turn to renew and I so did, as I sat in a circle of like-minded souls as we began to honour and read aloud the Calls for Justice as listed in the final MMIWG report.

The laughter was plentiful, the knowledge abundant, as were the teachings the gathering left me with …

– Although I am often hesitant to bring my feathers to gatherings/meetings, wanting to protect them, unsure if the space is spiritually “safe”, yesterday I was reminded that my feathers are much stronger than I give them credit for and that those “unsafe” places are exactly where I need them the most.

– I was reminded that reading is good, online discussion is great, but NOTHING beats the education, the learning, the hope, the inspiration, the wisdom, the safety, the COMMUNITY that comes from gathering in a room to discuss a topic of common concern. Racial heritage doesn’t matter. Respect and knowledge (as opposed to simple opinion) however, is most definitely required.

– I was reminded that even though it so often feels like my words fall on deaf ears, in the right spaces, among the right people, I am heard and even respected (not a common occurrence on my journey). Further, I was reminded that no matter how busy or frustrated I get, I must never give up on finding or creating such spaces.

Yesterday wasn’t about blind faith. It wasn’t about mindless reading without discussion and it wasn’t about “getting it all done”. In the ways of our ancestors, we talked, we shared stories, we shared frustration and hope, and we moved on only when the sharing was done.

The result – the Calls for Justice read were honoured, completely, fully as were the hours of work and all the people who shared, resulting in the creation of the call. Further, the people in the room were heard and honoured as well. Now we will now meet again, to continue the work and that is in no way a negative.

Finally, yesterday I learned a) just how many are apprehensive about entering new spaces especially when the conversation is on colonialism, racism, de-colonizing, and Canadian history but b) I also realized how many brave souls we have in this city, souls that are willing to go and sit in these places anyways.

Yesterday was a gorgeous summer day, rare in this city, yet people gathered for the greater good and it is thanks to them, that this morning I am renewed.

The journey continues. It has to but this morning I work with a smile on my face, simply because yesterday I savoured some of the best parts of this city/country – the people who have moved past denial, into informed, striving to be part of the solution.


This is me, praying you have found also found such places my friend. We all need and deserve such places. We all need to create such places.



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