Did Your World Stop?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am wondering, “Did your world stop?”

Did your world stop yesterday?

Did you put your day on hold to watch the presentation of the final MMIWG report?

Did you download your copy?

Did you begin to read it as requested?

Did you watch the videos made by the families of the missing and murdered?

Did you cry?

If not, why not?

Because therein lies the problem, you see. Yesterday, a huge portion of this country grieved while another huge portion didn’t care enough to notice and that my friends, is how Indigenous women go missing. That is how we are victimized so often. We live within borders built around us, borders that define us and restrict us and study us without seeing us.

And if you are already invisible, no one notices if you go missing.

Praying for the ones we did see, before they were taken. The ones we still see in nightmares or dreams. The ones missed and loved by so many.

See them. See us.
End the violence.

Please see us.



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