Planting Seeds …


I am awake, I am alive and today … I am planting seeds.

I know the future I want, the crop I want to reap but I know it won’t happen by chance, by luck, by lottery win or by prayer because just like “God”, Creator helps those that help themselves.

So this is me, dusting off any dirt that may have been piled on me yesterday. This is me, taking a deep breath. This is me, working diligently. This is me, keeping my eye on the prize as I keep the vision of my future front and center in my mind.

Because I am not a leaf being tossed randomly in the wind. I am not a victim, praying some dude on a white horse will fix my life. I am not helpless.

Because I am a Kwe and I have stood the test of time. I have been tested. I have been knocked down. I have been exhausted and I got back up each time.

Those events, that past, mere training so that I would finally believe in me, so that I would finally get out of my way, so that I would finally, firmly, proudly be exactly who Creator designed me to be rather than the broken, lesser version I once was.

I owe him so much after all. Today I get busy, paying Creator back for a lifetime of blessings.

It is time.

Let’s show him today, my friend. Let’s show Creator he was right to make us. Let’s make him smile. Let’s pay him back by living up to the kindest, most loving, most hardworking version of ourselves we can.

And if you can’t, then today my friend, rest. Heal. Prepare. Know your task right now is to do just that. For you, the payback will come later.

But the rest of us, let’s be our best today cuz he is the best.

Love it!

I love you my friend.

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