When Something Matters …


I am awake, I am alive, and truth be told, I am preparing to head into the office on this, my “day off”, because that is what you do when something truly matters.

I mean, think about it … we don’t parent 9-5, not if we really want to see our children thrive (and trust me when I say, their needs rarely arise at “convenient” times).

We don’t tend to our health when it is “convenient” or “when we want to” unless we wish to pay the consequences and we don’t get to decide when we are tired. Our bodies do and the wisest among us listen, rather than choosing to medicate or caffeinate the feeling away.

So to with running a business, especially in the establishment or expansion stage. I want this venture to succeed so if that means going in on a day off, working on a Sunday, or staying late a time or two or ten – COUNT ME IN!

Because literally my success means success for those I get to work with – success as measured by increased knowledge and awareness and maybe even an increase in the number of enjoyable, respectful relationships they get to enjoy, no matter their skin tone.

So this is me, doing what needs to be done because better relationships need to happen.

I love you guys! Enjoy this day! I know I am, cuz I am doing what I was meant to do and that is NEVER a bad thing in my books.



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