And me …


I am awake, I am alive, and I am envisioning the most glorious of Sundays …

A lazy start to this one for me, as the day began with the choice to go back to bed for a glorious hour. I smile as I remember how I did not sleep. Rather, I simply enjoyed the comfort of mattress and blankies, allowing my mind to wander wherever it chose to go.

We had a great time together, my mind and me.

The making-of-the-morning-coffee ritual came with entertainment this morning, as I watched the furball debate which sunspot on the living room carpet deserved to be deemed an appropriate resting spot.

We had a great time together, Oreo and me.

As I settled into chair and keyboard, I contemplated the day ahead and what it may entail. The glory of this day (and every day, for that matter) lies in those choices so I must choose carefully … after coffee and sun and furball hugs.

Yes, we will have a great time together, this day and me.

Why? Because I deserve a great day and today seems like the perfect day to have one. Which of course leads me to ask, what day are YOU choosing to have my friend? A self-care day? A productive day? A relaxing one? A reading one? A prep-for-the-week one?

The choice is yours but at least for right now, let’s just enjoy this great time together, you and me.



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