So Much Work to Do …


I am awake, I am alive, and as I sit here this morning, workout done, day off to a healthy start, I remind myself there is much work to be done …

Because yet another family grieves.

Because yet another child has lost his/her life to the rivers that surround Thunder Bay.

Because yet again, those who wish to deflect and justify and excuse will blame the victim.

Because there is so much left to be done to ensure that our children are safe on all the traditional territories.

Because settlers have to understand that when they acknowledge where they stand, they are committing to honour those who lands they are standing in. In my mind, guaranteeing safety is a great first step in honouring someone.

So I must get ready, because there is a lot of work to be done.

Today, my focus is to remember that the waters are not the enemy. The water is our life. The water is sacred. The water did not create the circumstances that put our children at risk.

Canada did.

And Canada still does, a fact that will remain true until Indigenous children have the same access to quality education and health care as Canadian children do. (Perhaps something to think about if you are tempted to celebrate Canada Day in a few weeks. In my mind, any group so failing so many has little to be proud of.)

The journey and the work continues. Be part of the solution today, my friend. Speak up. Demand change of your politicians and school boards and municipalities or accept you are part of the problem.

Silence is acceptance after all and silence is killing our kids.





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