Yesterday …


I am awake, I am alive, but admittedly this morning I am tired, for a multitude of reasons …

I’m tired after yesterday’s event, like the social exhaustion one feels after a great gathering. Yesterday, in a safe environment Indigenous and non-Indigenous shared truth, asked questions, admitted ignorance and learned why we are nowhere NEAR reconciliation in this country yet, but that one day we can be, if we are all ready to do the work.

Yesterday, the two-row wampum came to life as Indigenous and non learned how to focus on their own path, rather than worrying or contemplating what the other “should” be doing.

Yesterday, we laughed and learned as we acknowledged the horrid history of this country without excuse, shame, or blame. Instead we learned, we accepted, and we discussed more important things like healing, and new more respectful ways of doing things.

It was a great day but it was exhausting, so today this Kwe looks forward to a paperwork day as I contemplate the comfy clothes and the quietness of the office culture I have built.

Yesterday, Creator again showed me I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. Today, I prepare so that soon I can do it again.

Where are you my friend, standing in your glory or preparing for it? Please let there be no other options.

Quiet or boisterous, enjoy this day my friend, and all it has to offer. Creator knows, I will.


I love you!



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