An Opportunity to Unpack

I have used the term “unpacking” often in these daily offerings, but I have really come to embrace and internalize the meaning so much
more of late.

As a result, I now think of unpacking as:

“Realizing that something you considered the norm was actually harmful and continues to be harmful to racialized and/or marginalized peoples. With this newfound knowledge, you choose to remove that phrase, term, or practice from your life suitcase”.

And with the definition clarified, I now invite you the reader to do some unpacking with me. Let’s FILL the comment section with things we used to say or do or believe that we now realize were harmful or at minimum, stereotypical.

I will go first …

Until I was adamantly corrected by my daughter, I thought referring to the portable boomboxes as ….. well, what we used to call them, was perfectly fine. IT WAS NOT FINE, not then, not now. #effectivelyunpacked

Another, the VERY first time I used the “R” word and the “N” word as a naïve child, my mother SHUT THAT DOWN! #effectivelyunpacked

Today, let us remember that we ALL need safe spaces, places where we can admit what we used to think or do or say, while acknowledging that we know and do much better now.

So now it’s your turn, my friend. What have you “unpacked”?

To those who play along, thanks for sharing and thank YOU for being part of the journey to reconciliation.

I love you!

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