Guide … Do Not Teach

Another Monday …
Another of the 52 steps out to my email list.
Another tidbit of motivation for my Mentorship group.

And for you, my dear friend. A simple ask …

Today’s 52 Steps to Reconciliation video is all about guiding rather than teaching, the power of helping someone to find the answer they need as opposed to just telling them.

For you see, one boosts the confidence and wisdom of the listener and in turn, potentially assisting future generations as the guiding style is passed down. The second displays the knowledge (and perhaps, boosts the ego) of the teacher with no such boost in confidence for the student, unless of course they easily understand the lesson. Not so much if they don’t.

In short, the first style takes time and caring with a focus on empowering the student. The second is more often than not, convenient.
As a result, today my friend, I encourage you to guide rather than teach, to ask “What do you think?” before providing the listener with your opinion.

Help them to build their confidence and wisdom and they will cherish knowing you more than you can imagine, way more than if you just taught them stuff.

Food for thought.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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