We Do Not Dance for You …

On this day, National Indigenous Peoples Day, I want to be very clear …

We do not dance for you.

We are not puppets or children dancing for treats.

We are not performers in the Canadian stage play, being played out for an international audience.

We are not Canada’s and we do not dance for you.

Many of us dance to heal from what Canada has thrown and continues to throw at us.

Many of us dance because Canada made sure our ancestors couldn’t or worse, were made to believe they shouldn’t, eventually believing they didn’t want or need to.

We dance so our kids can see us dance because many of us didn’t get to see our parents dance when we were kids.

We dance because we always have, internally often, finally externally.

We dance for us.

So again, on this day, National Indigenous Peoples Day, I say again …

We do not dance for you.

Remember that if you are non-indigenous at one of the many gatherings today. Remember that when you are tempted to comment on how pretty our outfits are.

Realize you are not seeing a performance. You are seeing a resistance. You are seeing resilience.

Perhaps that should be appreciated in silence, like true strength often is.

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day.

I love you!

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