How Often?

On this summer morning, only one question is dancing in my head …

How often?

How often would you speak up, if it meant things might change?
How often would you say “No” to defend your boundaries?
How often would you change how you do things, if it meant you moved faster towards your goal?
How often would you move if it meant that each time you got closer to where you want to be?

My answer – as often as needed.

Because I want the change.
Because boundaries need defending.
Because I have many goals to achieve in my short time here.
Because I am getting closer.

Most of you are not aware that my home and office are in the middle of relocating to a bigger, brighter, more “Sandi-like” location. That reality has meant I have been pulling double-duty this last few weeks – working online and in person to provide services and support for those wishing to engage in reconciliation and packing/moving boxes when I wasn’t so engaged.

This morning I can say … I am getting very tired. So, in the best interests of my physical and mental well-being, this morning’s post will be my last post until the morning of July 4th.

Rest assured, I will be thinking of you. I will no doubt be writing. But I will also be resting in between packing and dreaming of brighter new days in my brighter new spaces.

Emails will be answered just probably not at my usual speed. Turns out, even I am human. Go figure!

The journey continues …

Take care of yourself, my friend, and see you on July 4th!

I love you!

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