“21 Times”


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking, “21 times”.

As of this morning, I have made my health a priority 21 times. Twenty-one times (in 22 days), I have hit the gym, pushed my muscles, added to my strength and that got me thinking of other 21’s …

At least 21 times (if not more), I have walked away, said “No”, terminated a relationship or at minimum limited the damage another could inflict on my physical and/or mental health.

At least 21 times, I have announced “Excuse me?!” with authority when a stranger (or a friend) felt a racial slur was appropriate. Some were anti-Indigenous, some anti-newcomer, some just vile. All deserved to be shutdown.

And I would like to think …

At least 21 Hundred times, I have had a smile for someone who couldn’t find their own.

At least 21 Thousand times, I have uttered a word of encouragement to stranger or friend.

And at least 21 Thousand times, I have said “I love you” and meant it, acknowledging and appreciating whatever form that love took.

And at least 21 times, I have said the words to myself because finally I am a woman I do love.

So here I am on this Sunday, thankful for this journey. I am thankful for all that has come before and excited about all that comes next because maybe, just maybe, it will include 21 more ways I can do my part.

Food for thought …


I love you my friend! (21 Thousand and ONE!) 


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