In the City of Thunder Bay …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so very thankful for the city that never lets me forget just how much privilege I carry …

I may have to endure the slurs and slights of some incredibly uppity people on the reg but I am no longer so impoverished, so poor, so vulnerable that others take joy in shooing me away from their establishment, not wanting “my kind” to taint their business.

Yes, I saw.

I may have to endure eye rolls and sighs when I produce my status card but my skin is no longer dark enough for strangers to feel the need to yell out taunts, instructing me to “go back home”.

Yes, I heard.

I may have to put up with idiots who want to question me on “what the big deal is?” but at least they are talking to me, not ignoring me, refusing to serve me, or literally turning their back to me.

Yes, I saw.

But in each case, I felt. Each time I stand up to disrupt, to call out, to end some racist rhetoric, I think of my brothers and sisters, the ones more vulnerable, the ones the racists will go after if I dare to piss them off.

Yes, I realize.

But the journey must continue. Silence is acceptance and I cannot be silent. I cannot accept that another generation must endure. So I speak and sometimes I shout and sometimes I even swear but always I pray, pray that our children see us fighting, saying “No!”, taking a stand. Because they know all too well what it looks like to give up.  So today, I pray for those who have fallen, those with no fight left. I get it, I so get it. But don’t worry, I got you.

Yes, I know.

And today, I pray for the ugly humans who take pleasure in the suffering of another, who would sit in judgment of a family in the snow, those who despise the look of poverty. I pray they never know what it tastes like but maybe, just maybe, that is exactly the medicine they need.  I trust Creator has a plan for them.

Yes, I believe.

So today, I say thank you my friends, for being my fuel, for being my hope, for being my sun on the darkest of days, for being the reason I can continue.

Yes, I realize and yes, I pray for you too.



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