Success is …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am just going to put something out there for those who get it (and for those who don’t) …

Success is scary af.

There, I said it.

For those, not born to expect it or worse, for those who were told in subtle and often not so subtle ways that they would never have it, success feels like walking off a cliff and suddenly realizing you are not falling.

You can SEE you are not falling. You can FEEL you are not falling but your brain goes, “But we should be falling!”

And there is the lie, the lie of internalized oppression.

Because my friend, we should NOT be falling. We should not be failing. We should not be denying ourselves hope and faith. We should not be settling for the scraps others wish to give us.

We should believe that with good heart and good mind, with a strong back and hard work, we too can have our dreams. Not at the expense of others, but more, a success that benefits others.

We must understand that success is not easy, but that challenges along the way are not proof that we were meant to fail. They are merely challenges for us to overcome on our way to success, building our capacity with every single one.

Yesterday, I didn’t fall. Yesterday, I received news of yet another achievement, one that my own oppression told me I wouldn’t really achieve, even though my MIND was positive I would.

This time my friend, my mind was right and my fear was wrong and I must say, it is about time fear got put in it’s place!

So my friend, do not give up. Keep going even if the seeds of doubt still live inside. Don’t listen to them. Just keep going because I am proof that one day the sun will shine so bright that they are burnt to a crisp.

This is me, and I am not falling.

Not falling … not falling.
Repeat as required.



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