A Very Important Job …


I am awake, I am alive and this morning, I am anxious because today I have a very, very important job to do.

Many of us, no matter our age or career or life path, speak to others regularly. Sometimes we are comparing notes with colleagues, sometimes speaking to bosses or funders, sometimes listening and guiding clients. But this morning I find myself wondering how often you speak to youth and how much thought you put into those words?

This afternoon, I have the honour and privilege of speaking at the “Our Voices Matter Youth Gathering 2019” hosted here in Kenora at Seven Generations. I will be speaking to youth, those in care and those that have aged out, and I know the first thing I am going to say …

“I am sorry.”

Because I am. I am sorry that the generation before them, my generation, couldn’t heal enough to keep them out of the hands of CAS. I am sorry that we didn’t fight hard enough to end that horrific system. I am sorry that we were so lost in our own pain that in so many ways, we caused theirs.

But then I am going to highlight how much I believe in them. I will share some secrets I have learned along the way and then I am going to promise to pray for them, always and often.

Our children, after all, are a result of who we are, pawns in a world we created, and we must own that.

And then we must pray as hard as we can for those who will now create a world for their kids.

The journey continues, with prayer and love.

I love you my friend. Join me. Inspire a youth today. It is so, so worth it.




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